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All in Your Head

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The white fog didn’t look deadly. It would have been peaceful weather for a walk, if you wanted to be alone and were dressed well for rain. Simone was five hundred feet above the ground and fighting a bubble of panic in her chest. She flew a rented Piper Arrow from the 1960s. The manic beep–beep–beep–beep in the cockpit had to be stopped. That type of alarm usually preceded a spin out of control. Continue reading

Crypto Foundations

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I presented this material at the Tech Day in September, 2012. It’s fascinating to me how complicated and interesting computer security became over the course of the last century.

  • Crypto Foundations (LibreOffice slideshow with presenter’s notes, also available in PDF)
  • RSA demo (accompanying Python code sample, must be renamed with a “.py” extension)

Rich at Heart

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Red brick exterior: the resident has puritan morals. Drawn blackout shades: he’s also a privacy activist.

Dual chimneys: owned by a storyteller. Neoclassical symmetry: an atheist.

Matt scanned the road, accidentally reading each neighbor’s thoughts as the car rolled by. Their opinions were embodied in the designs of their homes, proving to Matt that there was nothing so permanent as a stubborn idea. Continue reading