The Concordance

I believe in an eternal concordance between truth, love, and beauty.

I can rank all the things I believe in, from superficial to foundational. At the very base of the spiritual edifice is my belief that we can communicate with God. Truth and love and beauty exist in the Universe, and we can get help from God to find them.

The next level up is still a foundational belief. I believe that there is a concordance between truth, love, and beauty. That means that wherever you find truth and love, it will be beautiful. Likewise, wherever you find truth and beauty, it will inspire love. And finally, wherever you find love and beauty, you have found truth. The last one is the most important, since humans are obsessed with seeking truth and second-guessing truth. I believe that love and beauty are reliable markers for truth. There are different kinds and levels of truth, and this applies to truth that really matters.

I can judge doctrines using the concordance. The doctrine of eternal life is an example. It is a beautiful story, and it inspires us to love each other more. Because of the concordance, it must be true. It’s possible that we only recognize the love and beauty within the idea of eternal life because we have an innate knowledge that it is true, and it would not appear beautiful if it were not true. Or intriguingly, it is possible that the love and beauty make it true. The power of love and beauty together make it so that souls continue eternally. How and where our souls live on is more mysterious, but it is true on the level that really matters.

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