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Swing vote

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Chad and I were talking about future presidential candidates tonight. Hopefully it doesn’t make my vote any less credible that if we disagreed I would look more closely at why he was choosing someone else. I highly respect him and know we have very similar views. He said he would do the same. That made my day.


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Disclaimer: I’ll be the first to admit that I am naive. But I try to form an opinion with the lack of knowledge I have so that hopefully it will be a means to learn more and improve myself and my opinions.

I would really like to see political candidates who are willing to compromise. I often feel like the two party system makes it difficult to do this. Parties pick an issues, make it their driving force to get into office and then stand their ground for reelection. I feel like our nation is playing a big game of tug-o-war. Everyone is wasting energy pulling as hard as they can in their own direction. I know their are leaders out there who are willing to put down the rope, meet in the middle. Hopefully resulting in progress.